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The Charta

CHARTA of the CCMN – Cameroon Community Media Network

Recognising that community media is an ideal means of fostering freedom of expression and information, the development of culture, the freedom of form and confront opinions and active participation in local life; noting that different cultures and traditions lead to diversity of forms of community media; this Charter identifies objectives which community media stations share and should strive to achieve.

Community media stations:

  1. Promote the right to communicate, assist the free flow of information and opinions, encourage creative expression and contribute to the democratic process and a pluralist society;
  2. Provide access to training, production and dissemination outlets; encourage local creative talent and foster local traditions; and provide programmes for the benefit, entertainment, education and development of their listeners;
  3. Seek to have their ownership representative of local geographically recognisable communities or of communities of common interest;
  4. Are editorially independent of government, commercial institutions and political parties in determining their programme policy;
  5. Provide a right of access to minority and vulnerable groups and promote and protect cultural and linguistic diversity;
  6. Seek to honestly inform their listeners, readers and viewers on the basis of information drawn from a diversity of sources and provide a right of reply to any person or organisation subject to serious misrepresentation;
  7. Are established as organisations which are not run with a view to profit and ensure their independence by being financed from a variety of sources;
  8. Recognise and respect the contribution of volunteers, recognise the right of paid workers to join trade unions and provide satisfactory working conditions for both;
  9. Operate management, programming and employment practices which oppose discriminations and are open and accountable to all supporters, staff and volunteers;
  10. Foster exchange among community media practitioners using communications to develop greater understanding in support of peace, tolerance, democracy and development.

On 19th May 2017 during the First General Assembly (GA) of the CCMN РCameroon Community Media Network the founding members adopted the Charta of the AMARC Р World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters. The GA of the CCMN modified the AMARC charta according to the demands and needs of the Cameroonian community media sector.

Buea, 19th May 2017

Buea Muslim Community Communication, Buea, SW Region
Catholic Communication Service Buea, Buea, SW Region
Cavalry Good News Radio, Kumba, SW Region
CBC Radio, Buea, SW Region
CBS Radio 95.3 MHz Buea, Buea, SW Region
CBS Radio 101.0 MHz Bamenda, Bamenda, NW Region
Dikome Rata Community Radio, Dikome, SW Region
Divine Mercy Radio, Buea, SW Region
Lake Site Radio, Kumba, SW Region
Lebialem Community Radio, Menji, SW Region
Manyu Community Radio, Mamfe, SW Region
Ocean City Radio, Kumba, SW Region
Radio Al-Houda, Douala, Littoral
Tiko Council Community Radio, Tiko, SW Region

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