The CPS – Civil Peace Service in Cameroon published the results of the action research project “Recruitment of Young People in Armed Groups in Cameroon – An Action Research Project of the Civil Peace Service Network in Cameroon”

The authors of the research state “The study of the recruitment of young people in the armed groups in Cameroon provides insight to gain an understanding of the current situation of youth: insecurity, lack of confidence in the future, disagreement with certain practices that undermine the development of the country, and a feeling of injustice. In the end, a situation that creates much frustration among young people and constitutes a source of recruits for the armed groups.

The strategies to combat recruitment and more generally prevent violence must therefore take this situation into account. We also find that many young people are aware and able to act responsibly. If it were otherwise, the situation could be much worse.They therefore should be given an opportunity to join the efforts against armed violence.”

Attached you find the complete PDF in English

Recruitment_of_ young_people...Web



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