[CCMN NW] Radio Drama fighting Covid19: Rapid Formular

CCMN Office July 26, 2020 41

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Surviving #COVID19

Rapid Formula

This play titled Rapid formula talks about a man called Peter who claims to have received a vision from God instructing him to tell others that drinking alcohol can prevent one from getting exposed from corona virus. He keeps on drinking, talks to people about his discovered formula of drinking beer in the morning, wine in the afternoon and whisky in the evening. He ends up being killed by the virus he claimed God had given him a remedy for it. The community is sensitized about the virus.

The characters in the play actually portray the fact that there is no such thing as drinking alcohol prevents one from getting exposed to Corona virus. This play is very real in our context because most people are running away from testing and treatment sights and holding unto such misconceptions reasons why we have many community deaths. Ideas like eating garlic, onion, having spirited drinks have been recurrent in community chats and has led many patients to only get to hospital in very critical state and often have not made it.

The week has not been easy given that the characters in this play were occupied with exams and were not ready for recording o the said day. Also the recorder being used was corrupt files damaged which made recording done twice. Power cuts too played a major role. Nevertheless, the production was great. Its an over 8mins play.

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