In May 2017 the Civil Peace Service (CPS) in Cameroon, the Great Lakes of Africa and Mano River Region published a brochure with the title “Pathways to Peace”. The publication discusses peace initiatives in the three regions which use informal education, social happenings, arts and cultural rituals as potential spaces for peace building and conflict transformation.

One member of the CCMN – the CBS Radio 95.3 MHz in Buea – contributed the article “If you want to understand how media work, produce your own media! A Cameroonian community radio as conveyer of critical media competences” (from page 30) on their modular training curriculum for voluntary radio producers. The workshop included community leaders and civil society activists and fosters a “learning by doing” and “Do It Yourself” approach to empower local communities in producing radio programmes.

The global world seems to be turning in a rising spiral of violence, hatred and exclusion, but also of resignation and impotence on the part of those who are the principal concerned: local population groups.

The editors of the publication Christiane Kayser and Flaubert Djateng reflect in the introduction on the importance of diverse approaches to peace building

“While discussing the topic for this publication we started from the hypothesis that it is important to illustrate the fact that the paths towards peace are many and that the work of conflict transformation cannot easily be reduced to high level mediations or the de-traumatisation of the population.

In a world that is increasingly inclined towards violence—which solves no conflicts and requires a growing number of victims, collateral or not—it is essential to take a closer look at alternatives that could help to push back the wave of violence and terror that threatens to engulf us.”

Pathways to Peace


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