The president of the CCMN SW/Littoral Chapter Rev Geraldine Fobang and the Civi Peace Service seconded personnel to the CCMN Alexander Vojvoda were invited by the Center for Global Peace Journalism at the Park University in Kansas City/US to talk on the CCMN’s work in Cameroon during the Greater Kansas City Peace Builder Conference 2018 “Achievements in Peace Building” from October 25 – 27 2018. The Greater Kansas City Peace Builder Conference 2018 was organised by Avila University, Park University and Johnson County Community College and the CCMN representatives were able to hold the key note via a Skype video conference.

The presentation elaborated on the following questions

  • Current socio-political situation in Cameroon, the anglophone crisis and challenges for media houses, especially community media
  • History and development of the CCMN
  • Common approaches of Peace Journalism and Community Media in conflict situations
  • Overview of the CCMN’s election project in 2017 and 2018
  • Future perspectives of the CCMN’s work

Browse through the conference’s program or download it here




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