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UNESCO Publication: Journalism, Fake News and Disinformation

CCMN Office September 20, 2018

The UNESCO published a new edition from their series “Handbook for Journalism Education and Training” with the title “Journalism, “Fake News” & Disinformation” Cherilyn Ireton and Julie Posetti write in the introduction “Accordingly, the current handbook seeks to serve as an internationally-relevant model curriculum, open to adoption or adaptation, which […]

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Community Media

[CCMN SW] Berlin Summer Dialog 2018: Interview with CCMN President

CCMN Office July 3, 2018

The CCMN was invited to take part in the “SEF Summer Dialogue 2018: Strengthening Local Peacebuilding – Establishing the Basis for Sustaining Peace”. The SEF (Stiftung Entwicklung und Frieden/Association Development and Peace) describes the objective of the conference as follows. “In any process whose purpose is to transform violent conflict, the […]

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Community Media

“The Peace Journalist” New edition out! CCMN on networking and documentation

CCMN Office April 1, 2018

The CCMN co-ordinator Alexander Vojvoda and Sebastian Lasinger from Culture Radio in Freetown/Sierra Leone contributed an article to the current edition of “The Peace Journalist”. Alexander Vojvoda and Sebastian Lasinger wrote on the collaboration between the two community radio stations and the common networking, documentation and archiving project. Prof Steven […]

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